MX Merchant Release (April 2020)

MX Merchant Release 6.90.0 (04/23/20)

  • Improved attachment API by improving stabilization
  • Fixed a bug when navigating the app grid in MXMerchant, an error would show up.

MX Merchant Release 6.89.3 ( 04/21/20)

  • Fixed a bug where Vimas MX Base isn't saving properly

MX Merchant Release 6.89.2 ( 04/16/20)

  • Fixed a bug for ACH funding reports in MX Merchant not showing up

MX Merchant Release 6.89.0 ( 04/09/20)

  • Added a feature to use the terminal API better so that customers don't have to be so intimately involved with connecting to the terminal API and that we can use the terminal API to better trace the transaction
  • Added a feature for MXM merchants to access the Bank BIN Lookup API that is available through MXC to run payments

MX Merchant Release 6.88.1 ( 04/02/20)

  • Fixed a bug when payments process via Link 2 Pay, the custom field headers are not being included in the export or the receipts