MX Merchant Release (September 2020)

MX Merchant Release 6.99 (09/04/20)

  • Added 2FA to MXMerchant in our production environment. When you log in you are prompted to input your email address and phone number for 2FA.

  • Enabled the feature for the BIN API to be used only if the Bin app has been installed.

  • We changed the way API keys show in MXMerchant. From now on you will only see the consumer key. The only way to see the secret key is only when you create them. If you forget the consumer secret, you have to create a new set of credentials.

  • Changes to MXMerchant backend to improve security

  • Added a notification when MXMerchant users log in through different IP addresses. This will help the clients know if their account has been accessed in different areas without them knowing.

  • Added a feature that locks inactive accounts for more than 30 days. This is to help prevent accounts from being access by not intended users.

  • Admin users who change device or location are prompted to set up 2FA.