MX™ Account Updater App

Avoid Lost Sales and Delayed Payments.

Take the tedious work out of updating your customers’ vaulted card information with MX™ Account Updater.

The Account Updater App automatically updates vaulted customer card account details, keeping payment information current, eliminating the hassle of manual updates.

Merchants will quickly see a reduction in declines, cost to manually update card data, and risks associated with staff handling sensitive card information.

Activate Account Updater today to save time and keep payments flowing seamlessly.

All vaulted customer card account numbers are sent daily to the card brands, including: Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The card brands then send updated information if changes exist and the updates are then automatically applied to the customer’s vaulted card. MX™ Account Updater will sync a customer's new account number, expiration date, closed account, etc., and a reason for the update will be provided.

MX™ Account Updater reports displays information about the cards that were changed, the reason for the change, or if the merchant needs to contact the customer.

MX™ Account Updater Merchant Training Video