Synchronized Fields Guide

Getting Started

MX™ QuickBooks Sync: Synchronized Fields GuideOnce the QuickBooks App has been activated in MX™ Merchant, MX™ Merchant automatically syncs transaction data into QuickBooks daily. Once settled, transaction data will sync to QuickBooks within 24 hours along with all customer and invoice data. Examples of each have been provided below to help you identify where the synced data may be reviewed in both MX™ Merchant and QuickBooks.

Payment Data

MX™ Merchant’s payments display a transaction of $0.01 for a QuickBooks Sync Test customer below:


Once the payment has batched and synced, the payment will show as a payment in QuickBooks as shown for the QuickBooks Sync Test customer below:


Customer Data

A new customer, QuickBooks Sync Test, will be added in MX™ Merchant as shown below:


The customer may now be found in QuickBooks under Customers.

Synchronized Customer Fields

First NameEmailWebsiteAddress 1
Last NamePhoneBilling/ShippingAddress 2
Company NameMobileNameCity, State, Postal Code,

Invoice Data

Invoices are marked for synchronization based on the date of creation or last edited. Invoices created in prior months will also be synchronized in the event that a payment or refund occurs in the current month being synchronized.

Synchronized Invoice Fields

Invoice IdBillingShippingItems
Customer IdEmailEmailDescription
Invoice NumberNameNameUnit Price
Invoice DateAddress Line 1Address Line 1Unit Quantity
Due DateAddress Line 2Address Line 2Line Discount Amount
City, State, Postal Code,
City, State, Postal Code,
Line Amount
Invoice Discount Amount
Total Amount


To review a video of these instructions, click below: